KS Distribution Pte Ltd


Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Mr Wiluan is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Singapore-listed KS Energy Limited, and its two subsidiary companies – KS Drilling Pte Ltd and KS Distribution Ltd.  He is also the founder of the Citramas Group, a diversified group of businesses that he founded in 1980.  The Citramas Group’s business activities include oilfield equipment manufacturing, shipping and logistics, drilling services, infrastructure development comprising port and ferry terminals, hotels and an animation production company as well as other interests in the hospitality and leisure industry.  Under the umbrella of the Citramas Group is the Indonesian public-listed PT Citra Tubindo Tbk – a manufacturer of tubular products for the oil and gas industry whose shares are quoted on the Jakarta and Surabaya Stock Exchanges, and 35 other subsidiaries with activities spanning different parts of ASEAN.

The Citramas Group provides employment to more than 3,000 employees across the region.  In addition to his role as the President of the Citramas Group, Mr Wiluan is also the President Director of PT Citra Tubindo Tbk, and the Chairman of PT Citra Bonang, a Jakarta-based manufacturer and distributor of industrial chemicals and food products.  PT Citra Bonang Group of companies has more than 50 branches throughout Indonesia and employs a workforce of more than 10,000 people.

A graduate from London University with a BSc Honours Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, Mr Wiluan was awarded “CEO of the Year” by Bisnis Indonesia in 2007 and in the following year, he was named “The Best CEO 2008” by SWA magazine.  In 2009, he was awarded “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Ernst & Young Indonesia ,  representing Indonesia in the EY Global Entrepreneur Hall of Fame.


Executive Director & Group Managing Director (International Business)

Richard is currently the Executive Director of KS Distribution, as well as the Group Managing Director for International Business.

He joined the Company in June 2007 as Senior Manager, Business Development and was promoted to Group General Manager in July 2008.

He has played a key role in growing the projects business, aiding in procurement, negotiations with major European and Asian pipe-mills, and was responsible for the various business development initiatives in Europe, Asia and Middle East. He was also instrumental in the implementation and review of the business operation within the Group for improved performance. He led to efficiently develop, the Integrated Energy Services Hub in 2008.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts Honors in Economics from The University of Nottingham.


Deputy Managing Director (International Business)
Clement is currently the Deputy Managing Director of International Business as well as the Division Director of Aqua-Terra Oilfield and Equipment Services.

Clement joined Aqua-Terra in May 2007 and was appointed as Chief Business Development Officer and Executive Director. He was responsible for the Group’s business development, merger and acquisition, banking matters as well as investor relationship.

He started his career in Banking & Corporate Finance.  He has been with the Citramas Group since 1998, where he was responsible for Group Corporate matters. He was also a member of the Audit Committee of PT Citra Tubindo Tbk.

He holds a Bachelor degree and a Master’s degree of Business Administration majoring in Finance from University of San Francisco. He also holds an Investment Manager Certificate for Capital Market Professional Standards, Jakarta Stock Exchange.


Managing Director (Aqua-Terra Oilfield Equipment and Services)

Rodney is the Managing Director of Aqua-Terra Oilfield Equipment and Services, who is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and setting the directions for its growth. He has more than 30 years of experience in the oil and gas, mining, general hardware and marine industries.

In 1982, he joined Aqua-Terra Supply Co. Pte Ltd as a Sales Executive and was subsequently promoted to General Manager in 1989.  In April 2001, he returned to the Company as General Manager and played a pivotal role in the public listing of the Company in March 2004. He served as a member of the Board of Directors from 1 November 2003 to April 2006.

He holds a Craft Certificate in Shipbuilding.